404 Finder – How to Find 404 Errors on Your Website

If you’ve been suffering from 404 errors on your website, you may want to use a 404 finder. This site can help you identify which web pages are causing these errors and take the necessary action to prevent further damage. It’s also free, and it’s a great tool to use to check how often visitors come back to your site. Whether you’re having trouble locating a specific page or simply want to see the traffic coming from different directions, 404 finders can help you find them.

One of the best free 404 finders is “Broken Link Ckecker” and can be installed on WordPress sites. It uses scripts to log the referring URLs for each 404 error. The script automatically records the number of times a 404 occurs and then reports these numbers on a daily basis. The reports that you see from this tool are useful for improving the user experience and increasing conversion rates. 404 finder is a handy tool for both beginners and advanced webmasters.

Another 404 finder is the Google Search Console. This tool can help you identify which pages are generating 404 errors. This tool is free and will crawl 500 URLs. You can buy a premium version to scan more URLs. There are also paid versions of 404 finder that you can purchase for unlimited use. These free and paid versions have different features. It’s recommended that you choose one that’s right for your website.