Adding Fun to Your WordPress Site With the wp Sudoku Plugin

wp sudoku

WordPress users who want to add a little fun to their site can do so with the wp sudoku plugin. This simple WordPress plugin creates sudoku puzzles in your theme files, posts, and pages. These puzzles come in various sizes and are easy to do, but you can choose a hard or easy difficulty level, as long as you have 450 pixels of width. You can find sudoku puzzles on github and bitbucket.

Howard Garns first published a free version of Sudoku in 1979, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that the puzzle really became popular. In the United States, it was renamed the ‘number place game’ by Howard Garns, while in Japan it was named Sudoku. This Japanese name has since become synonymous with the puzzle, which is incredibly hard to solve! But it still has a long history, dating back to its origins.

This Sudoku variant is similar to the regular 9×9 Sudoku, but it makes use of Jigsaw shapes. There are also Sudoku region variants called polyominos, which are equal-sized squares. Many of the variations of this puzzle have a maximum given, and the number of givens is the same as the number of cells in the grid. You can add more puzzles to your device by typing in numbers with your keyboard or with the devices keyboard.