Automate Your Blogging Process With WordPress Mage

wordpress mage

If you want to automate your blogging process, WP Mage is the right tool for you. This program lets you set up and manage your blogs from a single dashboard. Its features include automatic post creation, SEO, and more. It will also pull in content from article directories, YouTube, eBay, Commission Junction, and Clickbank. These sources will then be inserted into your posts. Once they are live, you can easily edit, delete, or update your posts.

WordPress Mage is available only by invitation only. However, you will have to pay $997 to obtain access to it. If you want to purchase this tool, you must contact its website. Once you receive an invitation, you will be able to access the WordPress Mage dashboard. To buy WordPress Mage, you need to have an account at a premium website that allows you to create and maintain websites. You can also buy additional licenses for the premium version.

In addition to creating posts, WordPress Mage allows you to upload and organize images. You can add captions, alt texts, and descriptions, as well as crop images. You can even change the alt text and replace it with a different one if you want to make your site load faster for visitors with disabilities. You can also add a description to your images and have it appear on the attachment page. While you cannot change the URL of the image, you can edit the description.