BackupBuddy – A Lifetime Deal For WordPress

If you’re looking for a new backup plugin for your WordPress site, you should consider BackupBuddy. It not only backs up your entire site, but it also offers cloud storage and a malware scanner. But before you purchase this backup plugin, you should understand a few things about it. You should know that there are many other backup plugins out there that have great reviews, but BackupBuddy is definitely worth a try.

BackupBuddy is a WordPress backup plugin

When you’re backed up by BackupBuddy, you won’t have to worry about malware. Malware has the capability to completely destroy your site and compromise your data, or even cause the website to be shut down forever. BackupBuddy’s malware scanner helps you detect any threats before performing a backup. This feature can help you ensure the security of your site, since malware can render your backup useless if it has been infected by it.

It backs up your entire site

Taking backups regularly is a crucial part of the process of maintaining your website. Most backup plugins work just as well as you do, but without a routine, you won’t get them done. In most cases, people who don’t make backups end up having problems later on. BackupBuddy offers scheduling options and can even backup to cloud storage. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

It offers a malware scanner

Thankfully, BackupBuddy has a malware scanner built-in. This feature checks a website for common malware threats using Google safe browsing, Norton safe web, PhishTank, SiteAdvisor, and other online tools. Using a malware scanner is important for overall website security, so restoring a website from a BackupBuddy backup is a good idea. However, you should also consider using an additional security solution, such as a third-party anti-malware tool.

It offers cloud storage

BackupBuddy is a comprehensive plugin that saves files and data. Not only that, but it offers so much more. With so many benefits, it has gained the trust of users around the world. After all, bad things happen to us all – from hackers to malware to technical issues – and you never know when they’ll strike. So, with BackupBuddy, you can rest easy knowing your work is safe.

It allows you to restore a backup

There are some advantages of using BackupBuddy for restoring your data. First, the service allows you to schedule backups for the entire lifetime of your account. You can also choose specific components and themes to back up. BackupBuddy has a wide selection of backups, including email storage, Amazon Web Services, FTP servers, and Google Drive. It also offers various off-site storage locations, including Dropbox and Stash. You can also choose to restore specific backups on a regular basis, which will be a great option if you’re a frequent user of the software.

It has a free trial

If you’re not sure whether you should purchase BackupBuddy, you can always use its free trial to find out for yourself. With this software, you can back up your website and then choose to keep it or delete it. BackupBuddy is also good for website security, since it checks for malware before backing up your files. If your website has malware, restoring it from a BackupBuddy backup can be dangerous, as you could end up opening it up to hackers. The software also allows you to roll back to a version of your site that is malware free.