Curl Error Code 52 Empty Reply From Server

You may have encountered Error code: (52) Empty reply from server. This error can be caused by TLS 1.0 deprecation and older versions of curl. However, if you have TLS 1.1 installed on your system, you can receive a response from the server.

Error code: (52) Empty reply from server

The error message “Empty reply from server” means that the response is of zero length. This indicates that the TCP connection has been closed and there is no HTTP payload transmitted. This error usually occurs when an HTTP request is made on a plain HTTP port instead of an HTTPS port. This is because HTTPS clients can’t establish an encrypted session using a plain HTTP port.


The curl command fails to send the requested data if the server returns an empty reply. The reason for this is that older versions of curl cannot send the response because TLS 1.0 is deprecated. For this reason, curl-L can help you resolve the problem. However, curl-L may not be available in all systems.

The empty response from the server can occur when curl is attempting to connect to an HTTPS server. Similarly, the empty response can occur when cURL is trying to connect to a Chrome browser. This is because the data sent by the browser was not sent, so it will return the err_empty_response message. Clearing your browser cache and cookies may help resolve the problem.


When an HTTP server encounters an error, it will not produce an HTML document. In this situation, curl returns an empty reply from the server. This error is not caused by a faulty HTTP server; it can also be caused by a typo. To fix the problem, you need to contact the people who are responsible for the network infrastructure.