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WordPress-Optimized Hosting

This post will be rebuild ans translated soon

hosterionos (WP-Hosting)cloudwayshostingerwp-projectslinevast
pricing4€/M 2DBs
7€/M 10 DBs
18€/M unlimited DBs
10$/M 1GB RAM 1 CPU 25GB Space
22$/M 2GB 1 CPU 50GB Space
(unlimited projects)
4€ for 100Sites/100GB
13€ for 300Sites/200GB
(1year plans)
10€ for 10DBs/25GB
20€ for 50DBs/50GB
4€ for 2DBs/50GB
9€ for 10DBs/100GB
20€ for 50 DBs/150GB

durationyearly, monthly (more expensive) 30 day money backmonthlymonthly to 4years
extrem discounts for longterm plans
30 day money back
14 Day trail
yearly, monthly (1€ more)
external domainsyesyesyesyes
server-loca60 Locations6 locationsGermanyGermany
Backupsdailycustom frequencyweekly / daily with extra costdaily (kept 7-14 day)daily (for 3 days)
SSLfree let’s enryptfree let’s encrypt1free SSLfree let’s enryptfree let’s enrypt
SecurityMaleware Scanner (cleanup only with unlimited plan), DDOSServer FirewallSever scaned & cleans with imunify360
DDOS via cloudflare
“security center”, Maleware Scan&clean, WAF, DDOSDDOS, Maleware-Scan (ImunifyAV -> repair with extra cost)
Server / Cachingnginx, opcache, http2nginx / varnish (with WP Plugin)lightspeedlightspeedLightspeed
CDNRailgun CDN with “unlimited”yesfree with medium planquic-cloud free via lightspeedquic-cloud free *via lightspeed
WP Managementautomatic/manual updatesstaging/cloningdashbaord with plugin-management (no updates, no staging)automatic updates (with site check), staging/cloning, security centerUpdates, Staging, Cloning
Management Systemprobably plesk+WPToolkitcustomcustomized cpannelPleskDirectAdmin
SonstigesManaged option (updated) only for one Websites freeManaged WP-Features only with auto-install or migration service
Auto Instal with bloat plugins
Give more free SSL&CDN when asked
SSD Storage
only 256mb RAM with smallest plan (1GB for 30€)
NVMe Storage
Application Manager für node.js & python

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