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How Can You Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

can you duplicate a page in wordpress

You can duplicate a page in WordPress by copying the content, layout, and formatting of a single page. You don’t have to worry about SEO penalties, since the duplicated page will be different from the original one. In fact, you can use the duplicated page as a template for a new one. Additionally, you can reuse the content on the duplicated page and use custom HTML and CSS code.

If you have a Pro version of WordPress, you can access the Duplicate page settings from the Settings Tab. You can also create a draft duplicate of an old post. Unlike editing an old post, duplicated content is saved with a different name and permissions. However, the page is still visible to visitors. The only difference is that you can’t edit the duplicated page. Therefore, you’ll need to make a backup copy before duplicating the page.

You can also clone a page in WordPress by copying the page code. The first step is to log into your WordPress account. From there, click on “Post” on the right-hand sidebar. Click on “Block” to copy only the content inside the block that you selected. If you want to copy the content of the whole page, click on the “Copy all content” option at the bottom of the right-hand menu.

When copying a page in WordPress, make sure you use the right duplicate plugin. Duplicate plugins allow you to copy multiple pages and posts. They will carry over the meta data and permalink slugs of the original. In addition, they will also copy elements of the page. This is great news if you need to duplicate a page for SEO purposes. Just be sure to back up your old copy of WordPress before you move it to the new site.