How to Add a Contact Form to WordPress

WordPress allows you to add a contact form to your site. You can also customize your contact form by changing the label and adding any additional fields you need. After you’ve finished editing the form, you can publish it on your site by inserting a shortcode. This shortcode becomes a fully functioning contact form once published. You can customize it to fit any style and theme. The following steps will help you get started.

First, select a template for your contact form. The Simple Contact Form template will automatically add fields like Name, Email, and Message. Click on each field to edit or delete it. You can also edit the subject line and email address in the form’s settings. If you want, you can send the form submissions to more than one person. To do this, select more than one email address and separate them by commas.

Next, configure your contact form’s settings. Some of the available options include a notification to let you know when it’s been successfully sent. This way, you can reassure visitors that the form was sent successfully. Another option is to enable Smart Tags. This way, you can send notifications to your site visitors when the form is completed. Toggl also has an easy-to-follow video tutorial. You can customize your form according to your site’s needs.

Then, choose a template for your contact form. You can add your contact form to your site using WPForms, or create a custom form if you wish. WPForms has a built-in contact form shortcode for WordPress. You can copy the shortcode from the WPForms dashboard and paste it into a page or widget. After that, click Update and Publish and your contact form is ready.