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How to Add a Dropdown Menu to Your WordPress Site

Whether you’re just starting out on a WordPress site or have been using the platform for a while, you might be wondering how to add a dropdown menu. In the WordPress dashboard, you can add the dropdown menu as a widget. It will contain pages, categories, posts, groups, and custom links, and it will appear in your website’s menu structure. After you’ve added the widget, you’ll need to configure its placement in the menu structure.

Luckily, creating a dropdown menu in WordPress is relatively easy. The hard part is deciding which categories to include and in which order to place them. Think about what you want to display in your dropdown menu before you start. We’ll talk about user interface design and how to create a proper menu for your website. And don’t forget to check whether your theme supports dropdown menus! While the WordPress dropdown menu is a useful feature, you should first choose a theme that supports them.

While adding a dropdown menu can be a great feature, it can also be an unnecessary distraction. Too many submenus or categories will make your menu unusable. Try thinking about what sections you want people to click first, and which ones they can access with one click. A good rule of thumb is to not have more than seven parent sections. This way, you can save space and ensure a clear direction to your visitors.