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How to Add a WordPress Favicon

wordpress favicon

If you have a WordPress site, you may be wondering how to add a favicon to it. In the past, adding an icon to a site required the services of a web developer or detailed knowledge of coding. With WordPress 4.3, adding a favicon became as simple as clicking on a button on your dashboard and navigating to the Appearance menu. Click on the “Site Icon” link to view the customizer window. In the customizer, click “Add a Favicon” or “Change a Site Icon”. You can then upload an image to your favicon.

A favicon is an icon that represents your brand across any device. A favicon should be unique to your site, ideally one or two colors. A square favicon is defaulted, but other shapes need a transparent background. The favicon should be closely related to your brand identity, and should represent a single element of your brand. Because favicons are too small to show the full logo, you can choose a recognizable portion of your logo to transfer to your favicon.

If you would like to add a favicon to your WordPress site, the process is simple. The favicon can be uploaded to the media library of your theme and will show up in the tab or window title, as well as in bookmark lists. To upload your favicon, you must go to the Appearance > Customize section of your site. Once you have uploaded the favicon, you must click Save and Publish to activate the change. Refresh the page and your favicon should appear in the browser tab.