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How to Add a WordPress Website Login Link to Your Menu

wordpress website login

You can add a WordPress website login link to your menu, sidebar, or footer to give your users a way to log in and out of your website. To create a menu item, go to Appearance > Widgets. Choose a menu item and enter your login URL and link text. Click Save Menu to save the menu item. Click the Login link in the menu to send users to the login page.

Depending on the settings, you can choose how many times you want the user to be blocked before allowing him to retry. The plugin can also lock out a user after two failed login attempts. If the user cannot log in within a set period of time, WordPress will send them an email containing the link to reset their password. If the user continues to try to log in, they’ll see an error message. You can reset the password by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.

You can also change the URL in your WordPress dashboard by editing the theme’s CSS file. You can find free and paid plugins to change the URL of your website. You can also rename your login page to avoid visitors who might be trying to log in with the wrong email address. This way, only users with admin access can log in to your website. The login page should contain your domain name instead of your website’s username.