How to Add Custom WordPress Backgrounds to Your Site

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You can use WordPress to add custom backgrounds to your website. But you should be careful when choosing a background image. Not all images are appropriate for your site, so it’s a good idea to follow some best practices. First of all, choose the right resolution for your background image. The resolution can make or break your presentation. Usually, images with a lot of detail or varying colors don’t look good in repeated placements.

Second, choose where you want your background image to appear. You can place the image on your homepage or on individual pages. The default WordPress setting is a global one. Alternatively, you can use a plugin or custom CSS code. WordPress also has visual page builders for custom backgrounds. If you want to use custom backgrounds, check out the tutorials on Lastly, select a theme with a global background image.

Last, but not least, choose a background image. You can easily change your WordPress background image. To do so, go to your theme’s Settings>Themes>Browsing. There, you’ll find two new settings: Simple Full-Screen Background Image and Custom Background. Using the Simple Full-Screen Background Image setting, you can choose an image from your WP media gallery or create a new one. You can even choose to display multiple images in a slideshow. The Preset field is a handy tool to customize the image, such as changing its alignment or its colors. Also, you can set a timer in milliseconds for each image to fade in and out of the background.

Using a background image on a WordPress site is possible, but it’s crucial to attribute the author of the image. The WordPress default background image doesn’t have a visible caption, and so you’ll have to credit the photographer or artist to use the image. Otherwise, you’ll need to choose an image in a different style. The easiest way to ensure that your website uses an original photo is to take it yourself, or buy it from a stock photographer. Shutterstock and iStockPhoto have a variety of options.