How to Add SSL Encryption to Your WordPress Site

ssl wordpress

If you’d like to protect your site and customers, you should use SSL encryption on your WordPress website. SSL encrypts data sent between your site and a visitor’s computer. To add SSL to your WordPress site, follow these steps. You’ll need to change all of the website’s URLs to use HTTPS. To get started, install the SSL plugin called Really Simple SSL. You can install it by following the instructions in the plugin’s support page.

To secure your site, first make sure your website has an SSL certificate. A self-signed SSL certificate is not recognized by most browsers. You can buy an SSL certificate for WordPress for anywhere from free to $880 a year, depending on how secure you want your site to be. A free SSL certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt, an automated CA operated by a nonprofit organization. Many web hosts offer this service for free.

The process to install an SSL certificate on your WordPress site is easy. Once you’ve purchased a certificate, you’ll need to configure your host so that HTTPS URLs will show up. Once your site is encrypted, you’ll have more secure traffic and less chance of being penalized by search engines. SSL certificates are widely used today, and it is crucial to ensure your visitors’ privacy and security. A good SSL certificate will help your site rank higher in search results, boost your SEO, and prevent penalties for non-encrypted websites.

There are two main methods to install an SSL certificate on WordPress. The first method involves installing the SSL certificate through your web host. This method is the most convenient, but it hasn’t been updated in some time. You can also install the SSL certificate manually, by following instructions at Let’s Encrypt. You’ll need a web host that supports SSL certificates and allows you to choose from a variety of options. It’s recommended to use an SSL certificate on WordPress websites, even if you just have one.