How to Add Videos to Your WordPress Website

wordpress videos

WordPress has built-in features for adding videos to your website. To embed a video, you simply copy the URL of the video you want to use and paste it into your website. Just like adding an image to your media library, WordPress automatically saves videos on its servers. You can also upload videos from external platforms and embed them into your website. For more information, see How to Add Videos to Your Website

Theme options can vary depending on your needs. There are WordPress themes that can easily accommodate videos of all types. VideoTouch, for example, provides a variety of layouts. Each of these layouts contains space for a video. The theme also offers 9+ ready-made templates and is retina-ready. It is perfect for an online portfolio or catalogue of your videography work. The theme’s huge selection of layouts makes it easy to customize.

After choosing a video hosting service, you can embed it on your WordPress site. To embed a video from YouTube or other video service, you’ll need to install a plugin or integrate the media library. To get started, you can upload the video to the WordPress Media Library. Launch the page in WordPress, then click on the “Plus” icon to add a block of content. The video will appear in your page once you’ve uploaded it to your site.

Choosing the right video quality for your WordPress website is a crucial step. High quality videos can cause pauses and buffering. This can quickly become annoying, especially when you have a large number of visitors. Thankfully, most video streaming services support 1080p video at the highest streaming bitrate, which is more than enough for a large number of desktop users. But there are downsides to this method. You should consider the video quality and browser compatibility before making a decision.