How to Add WordPress Custom CSS to Your Theme

If your WordPress theme is not displaying the custom CSS correctly, you may need to enable the server-side caching of your website. The plugin will enable this feature. If you use Hostinger, you can disable the server-side caching of your website. A spelling error might also be preventing your WordPress custom CSS from being displayed correctly. Try using a CSS validator to check your theme for typos and errors.

To edit a font size, open the Styles tab and change the value of the corresponding property. The text should change in your browser. Look for the stylesheet’s file name, colon, and number on the top right. Change it if necessary and click “Save” to save the changes. Then, save and publish your theme’s changes. You’ll have access to your custom CSS for any future updates.

Working with a website code can be intimidating, but with CSS, you can change the way your content looks and feel. Custom CSS in WordPress is an option that gives you unprecedented control over your website’s design and content. While it may take a little time, you’ll be glad you did. In the end, the CSS will give you a lot more freedom than you’d have with other types of templates.

You can add custom CSS to your WordPress theme using the plugin. The plugin will accept your CSS code from the WP admin dashboard and apply it for you. This way, you can change your theme’s look without changing the style-sheet files. You can also use this plugin to make changes on the whole site. It will make custom CSS a snap! Just make sure you’re able to preview any changes you make before submitting them.