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How to Blur an Image in PicsArt

When you’re editing photos on your computer, you may want to blur some parts of the photo so that it looks as if it’s been taken through a filter. Blurring is an excellent way to enhance your pictures without altering them too much. This tool makes a variety of editing options available to you. You can use the Point Spread Function to select areas that should be blurred and use the Lasso and Brush tools to outline the part that you want blurred.

After importing the image into the editor, click the Effects icon on the toolbar to browse the available blur effects. Next, choose whether you want the blur effect to be linear or circular. Finally, adjust the Size and Intensity sliders as needed to customize the effect. You can then export your edited image by clicking “Export”.

A high-pass filter is an alternative option for blurring images. This filter allows low-frequency signals to pass through but stops high-frequency ones. High-frequency noise, such as the ring-limit signal, should be blocked from the image. A low-pass filter should not be applied to an image with a lot of noise. If you don’t want to apply a filter, you can use a manual blur effect in PicsArt.

While turning off autofocus will reduce the chances of a blurred image, you can still miss a focus while shooting. With this method, you won’t see ghosting or a double image that’s caused by camera movement. Instead, you’ll see a soft image with some parts sharper than others. Objects closer to the camera will be sharper than those farther away, which means that the subject wasn’t in focus.