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How to Change Font in WordPress

how to change font wordpress

If you have a WordPress website, you might want to change the font on your site. Custom fonts are a great way to add personality and branding to your site. Although you can find a custom CSS file under appearance > customize and additional CSS, you can also change the font on your main headline, which is also called the H1. You can change the font to Arial, Times New Roman, or any other classic font.

The standard method involves copying a link and inserting it into the theme functions. This does not use import. The font family and name must be specified within the stylesheet. You can also edit the function in your theme. Make sure that it is named load custom in the theme functions. Once you’ve changed the font, you’ll be able to use it across all areas of the site. And if you want to use a different font in the body, you can make use of Visual Composer. Visual Composer is a website builder that is used by over 90 000 people every day.

Another option is to add a drop-down menu to the block editor. Once you’ve done that, select the font size you’d like to use from the list. However, you don’t have as many options as the block editor. The font size you choose is limited to what you can type into the drop-down box. In order to add this feature, you must be logged in to your WordPress account.