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How to Change Fonts in WordPress

how to change fonts in wordpress

How do you change the fonts on WordPress? To do so, you should first open the editor of your website and select the text you want to change. Once you do so, select the fonts option. It will be available next to the paragraph option. You can also change the color of the fonts by going to the Color tab in WordPress. If you’re using the Elementor page builder, you can also change the fonts there.

Once you have changed the font, you can publish your new text. Then, you can check out the live preview to see if it’s updated or not. If you don’t see the change immediately, try clearing your browser’s cache. If you’re still not seeing the changes, you may need to update your theme and install new fonts. If you’ve already purchased a theme, you can download and install plugins to give you more options when changing fonts. One popular plugin is the Easy Google Fonts plug-in.

The next step is to edit the fonts with CSS. To do this, open the customizer in WordPress and click on the Additional CSS option. You can also use the font style you want by selecting the Fonts option in the Additional CSS section. To apply the font styles, make sure to add the @import option in the Additional CSS section of your customizer. You can also download the fonts you want in the plugin directory.