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How to Change the Login Page on Your WordPress Website

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WordPress has several login page plugins, including LoginPress, which is a useful plugin for creating custom login pages. LoginPress lets you customize the layout of your page, add your logo and enticing background, and specify the error message. You can also change the colors, images, and text. You can even add an extra feature, such as an image or video to your page. It is also compatible with all modern web browsers and highly customizable, making it the perfect login page plugin for any website.

To change the login page on your WordPress website, visit the settings of your plugin. If you’ve installed it yourself, you’ll be prompted to change it. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to change the name and folder for your menu. Just make sure to change the link text to the login URL. If you’re using a menu plugin, you’ll be able to edit this setting as well.

To limit the number of times a user can log in, install a plugin called Persistent Login. This plugin allows the administrator to specify a limit on the number of login attempts before the user account is disabled. This feature can be useful for those who manage many sites. Once installed, you can enable SSO when you create a new site. To use Persistent Login, go to the Settings -> General. Select the Site Language menu, and then click Save Changes.