How to Check Broken Links in Website

how to check broken links in website

You’ve probably wondered how to check broken links in website. Broken links can occur both internally and externally. You can use broken link checker to find these broken links. It scans your website and gives you a report with broken links. If there are any links that don’t function, you can fix them or delete them. You can also use On-Page Checker to see if the URL is broken.

When a link fails to work, the user is taken to a non-existent page. 404 error pages are displayed when a link is broken. 404 error pages inform website visitors that the URL they are trying to access is no longer available. Many people will leave a website as soon as they see such a page, which is unprofessional and hurts the search engine rankings. Using broken link checker will help you fix these errors and make your website more professional.

Another way to fix broken links is to send a report to the website that linked to the page. This will help the linking site understand why a link is broken and give you a link opportunity. Broken links can also contain duplicate content. It is therefore imperative to check broken links in website regularly. The list below contains a helpful checklist to help you with this task. While these tips may not be enough to fix broken links, they will help you to maintain a healthy website.