How to Check Broken Links on a Website

how to check broken links

Do you know how to check broken links on a website? If not, you should know the steps to take to check the links on your website. Listed below are the steps to take to do that. You should also be familiar with the tools and features available for this purpose. You can use the broken link checker plugin to scan your website automatically. This plugin has some advanced tools which you can use to edit the broken link URL or unlink the working URL.

Using the Google Search Console is another way to check your website for broken links. This tool can find both internal and external broken links. You can find these in the left-hand menu of Google Search Console. Select Errors and Excluded from the list, and then click on Not Found (404) to see specific error messages. Broken links can occur with documents, images, and domains. Make sure to update the content on your website or redirect these broken links as soon as possible.

Another way to check broken links is to use a website audit tool. Broken links will negatively impact your site’s SEO efforts. Google’s webmaster tools will highlight these issues and make it easy for you to identify them. Even if a single link is broken, you should still check and replace it with a relevant one. Broken links are the worst SEO problem you can face, so be sure to check every link on your website regularly.