How to Check Dead Links

check dead links

If you are concerned about dead links on your website, you should install a tool called a dead link checker. This tool is a free download that will validate your website and highlight problematic HTML tags. It is a very simple way to identify bad URLs and fix them. In this article, you will learn how to do this. Continue reading to learn more about how to check dead links and the tools you can use to fix them.

First, you need to determine the cause of your broken links. External websites can go down for a variety of reasons. These can include maintenance or hosting problems, or even DDoS attacks, which often target major companies and financial institutions. If your website is offline for any reason, you can replace the broken link with an alternative. If the problem is temporary, it might not be worth fixing. If not, you can try to find a better alternative by searching for relevant content on alternative websites.

You should also check broken links on your website to ensure they are not hurting your SEO. Broken links on your website will send users to a dead page that does not exist. Broken links can be any number of things, including images, documents, and expired domains. If your website is not updated regularly, it can affect your search engine rankings. Therefore, it’s important to check dead links frequently. You should also check your website regularly to make sure that it’s free of errors.