How to Check Site For Broken Links

check site for broken links

Sometimes, your website may contain broken links, but you may not realize it. This happens when your external links are dead ends and your visitors do not see them. In such cases, they will assume the problem is on their end and will go elsewhere. In case your website is a mobile site, you may not even know it has a broken link until you have an actual visitor who clicks on it. You may lose them by not fixing the broken link.

A few ways to check for broken links on your website include using a free tool. The Google Analytics broken link checker has an input field where you can enter the URLs of the broken links. The tool will then list the broken links and tell you what their status codes are. If they are not accessible, then you can filter out those broken links by using the Client Error (4xx) filter. You can also manually enter a list of broken links and get a report from it.

If you’d prefer to use a paid tool, Broken Link Checker is a good choice. The free version of this program can only check a limited number of links, but it is worth the price. If you need a more comprehensive analysis, you can upgrade to the paid version. You’ll get monthly or weekly reports of broken links and can set the plugin to run automatically. You can also customize the tool to check specific categories of links and set parameters to filter your results.