How to Check Webiste For Broken Links

check webiste for broken links

A good way to check your webiste for broken links is by running a report in Google Analytics. This tool can export broken link details to a text file which you can then examine. The process of fixing broken links is ongoing, so it is advisable to perform the check once or twice a month. Another way to check your webiste for broken links is by using a tool called Xenu Link Sleuth. You will need your website’s domain name to run a report. Xenu Link Sleuth can take a while to run an analysis, so you should be patient while the tool analyses your website’s links.

While you’re checking your webiste for broken links, keep in mind that external sites can also be down for a short period of time. Often, this occurs due to maintenance or hosting issues, or due to a DDoS attack. This can happen to major companies or financial institutions, and if you’re worried about your website’s reputation, there are tools and services available that can help you fix broken links.

In addition to losing credibility, broken links can also reduce your search engine rankings. Consider the last time you visited a website with broken links. Did you notice how many dead links you encountered? When you finally left, did you notice how many other pages were also broken? Obviously, the last thing you’d want is for your readers to leave because they’ve reached a dead end. If your readers find it difficult to come back to your site, you’re missing out on some potential revenue.