How to Come Up With Memorable Blog Names

blog names

There are many ways to come up with blog names. You can brainstorm ideas on your own, or you can look at the names of other blogs in the same niche. A good tip is to create a giant word bank, stringing words together to make new combinations. Keep at it until you find the perfect blog name for your business. Remember, every blogger wants a unique blog name. Try these tactics to make your blog memorable. If you haven’t already thought of a name for your blog, try one of these.

The first step in naming your blog is knowing your audience. Using your first name or a catchy phrase will help people identify your niche. This helps you build a personal brand, which will benefit you in the long run. For example, Vanessa Dawson is a fashion and still-life photographer in New York. She blogs about fashion, art, and lifestyle, so she chose a name that communicates the broader interests of her audience.

Another way to make a memorable blog name is to use an abbreviation or acronym. These names are easy to type and spell. If you’re going to use a portmanteau, you should register it as a domain name. However, this option can be confusing to some readers. In addition to acronyms, you can also use popular company names as blog names. HubSpot is an example of a company that produces quality content, and it will be easy for readers to recognize their blog.