How to Create a Forum


Most forums have a staff made up of moderators and administrators who maintain the technical side of the website and set rules and policies. These are usually outlined in the rules, and most forums will have an FAQ section where new members can learn the basics of how to use the forum. Forums can be large or small, and any size can accommodate multiple languages. A signature is an important feature, as it helps readers recognize a poster. There are many types of signatures, from simple text to multimedia.

Before launching a forum, it is important to brainstorm possible subcategories and categories. The initial categories can include topics you already know your audience is interested in. Expanding on these topics as the forum grows will help your audience become accustomed to the space and start conversations. In addition to providing peer-to-peer self-service support, a discussion forum can help your company’s customer service department by alleviating the burden on its staff.

In order to search for new posts in a thread, you can use the search function to look for terms related to the topic you are interested in. You can also view threads in list and tree view. In list view, the thread title is highlighted. If you subscribe to email alerts, you’ll be notified of new posts in the thread. Depending on the type of forum you use, you can subscribe to the forums’ mailing list.