How to Create a WordPress Copy Page

There are two ways to duplicate a page in WordPress: Clone and copy into new draft. Clone will create a duplicate post while copying into new draft will copy the page. Cloning is an option in the carrier that appears on the page you want to duplicate. Then, copy that page into your page editor. You can delete the original post and make the copy in your new draft. If you want to edit your post, click on the Edit link next to it to make the change.

Duplicates will cause errors, override published content, and cause you to lose track of them. You can create a duplicate post by using the “Clone” link in the admin. The duplicate will retain SEO optimization, relevant elements, and design elements. However, you must keep a copy of the previous page for future reference. Plugins for WordPress copy page creation are available. The All-in-one WP Migration plugin is particularly useful for content migration.

When cloning a post, you can also change the display. If you wish to display the duplicate post in the same place, you can add the appropriate number to the post name. You can change the title and other options by clicking on the Display tab. Then, click on Save Changes when you have finished making changes. This step is very easy and straightforward, but if you have a complicated post or page, don’t worry. WordPress has a solution for this!