How to Create a WordPress Parent Page

You can add a child page in WordPress but you have to create a parent page first. Adding a child page requires editing the Page Attributes of the parent page. By default, new pages are set as individual pages. However, you can select a parent page in the page attributes before adding a child page. The following steps will guide you through the process. Read on to learn how to create a parent page for your website.

In WordPress, a parent page is the page that contains all the child pages. This page is the root of the hierarchy. It is the most important page in your website. It’s the most important page because it contains all the content. It will make it easier for visitors to navigate through your website. You can also change the parent page to add child pages. If you have more than one parent page, you can add child pages to existing ones.

You can make your child pages under a parent page by using the “Page Attributes” widget in WordPress. You’ll need to go to the “Page Attributes” widget on the right side of the screen. In this menu, click “Parent” and select the page that you’d like to make the parent page. When you’ve completed editing the parent page, click on “Save” and then “View All Pages” to see your child pages.