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How to Create Podcasts With Spotify Q&A WordPress Plugin

spotify qa wordpress

Spotify Q&A WordPress plugin lets you embed a playlist from the popular music streaming service. The shortcode allows you to place any Spotify song or playlist on your site. Make sure to embed your Spotify URL in a line of text. The URL will appear in the same color as the link text in your theme. This is to ensure that your visitors can easily navigate to your site. If you want to customize the embed, you can use the theme’s oEmbed function. The shortcode must be placed on a line of text, with no whitespace.

Podcast creators will be happy to know that the new tools from Spotify include polls and an interactive Q&A feature. Podcast creators can now post polls and Q&As alongside their episodes. The app also supports a single poll per episode. To create your podcasts in Spotify, visit the site and use the new tools. You can get started by using the free version of the plugin. Then, simply follow the steps below to install Spotify Q&A WordPress plugin.