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How to Customize Widgets on the iPhone


Apple’s iOS 14 mobile operating system comes with new features to customize widgets. You can choose whether a widget shows just the clock face or the most recent communications. You can even resize a widget to make it appear anywhere you want. To learn more, continue reading. Below are a few steps to customize your widgets. Once you’ve learned how to do this, you’ll be ready to add them to your iPhone!

First, you must make sure you understand how to resize widgets. A widget can be resized in three steps: expand, minimize, and delete. This way, it will display richer information as it grows. To optimize the sizing of your widgets, decide how much information you want to display. When using smaller widgets, only display essential information. On the other hand, larger ones should include more contextual information. When designing a widget, remember to keep the user’s needs in mind and ensure that the widget size is right for the device.

Widgets are often used as a way to boost customer engagement and promote advertising. They can display simple, yet vital information elements and track changes over time. Examples of information widgets include weather, time, clock, and sports score tracking. When a user taps one of these widgets, it opens a specific app. Widgets can also display a collection of elements of the same type. The widget can be scrolled vertically or horizontally.