How to Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard With WP Adminify

The WordPress admin provides you with a host of options to manage your WordPress website. It allows you to manage user settings, import data from other platforms, and even customize your site’s URLs. Here are some tips on how to use WordPress admin to your advantage. Let’s start with a basic overview. To get started, open the wp-admin folder and double-click on the “upload” icon. Click on the zip file you downloaded, and then right-click and extract.

To prevent the toolbar from appearing while you are viewing your site, uncheck “Show toolbar when browsing this site.” If you’re not familiar with the WordPress admin directory, you can use a password generator to make a strong, unique password. This will prevent other users from gaining access to the administrative area. You can even change your email address and username if you’d like. Be sure to try logging in again to confirm your changes.

The admin area is one of the most important parts of a WordPress website, and owners spend a lot of time there. Oftentimes, they interact with their admin dashboard on a daily basis. A better admin dashboard would have streamlined columns, restricted admin notices to just one page, and offered customisable login pages. Fortunately, this is possible with WP Adminify. To customize your WordPress admin dashboard, follow the steps below.