How to Delete a WordPress Site

how to delete a wordpress site

If you are unsure of how to delete a WordPress site, this article will provide you with some basic steps you can take to permanently remove your website. First of all, you should log into your web host’s control panel and select the switch icon. Next, select WordPress, and then click the switch button again. The switch will now say “Uninstall.”

You can also choose to delete individual pages by going to the Pages Manager and hovering over the page. Then, click Trash. The page will be removed from the site, leaving a blank space in your plan. This process will not completely delete your content or site, but it will remove your account from WordPress. If you are not able to do this, you can use the Close Account option to permanently delete your account.

The last step in the deletion process is to export the content from the site to file. This is crucial because if you lose the content, there’s no way to retrieve it. To prevent this, make sure you backup your site. This is particularly important if you have a Managed WordPress plan, which is not recommended. This will prevent any possibility of recovering deleted content. If you want to start anew, you can choose to delete your Managed WordPress site.

Next, select the “Delete” link in the Software or URL column. Click on the link to uninstall the software on your domain. This will delete your WordPress site from your hosting account, but it does not remove your domain or MySQL databases. Be sure to backup your data before deleting your WordPress site! If you don’t want to delete your WordPress site, you can also use HubSpot to build a well-designed site without coding.