How to Disable Comments on a WordPress Website

wordpress disable comments

To disable comments on a WordPress website, go to the dashboard and click on “Pages.” Next, click on the title of the page you’d like to disable comments on and click “Edit”. Once in the edit screen, find the Discussion box in the right hand sidebar and choose the checkbox next to it. This will toggle the comment box to enable and uncheck. You can also use the same method to disable comments on the entire website.

You can disable comments from all future posts and pages by changing a few settings. These settings are found in the Document section of your WordPress dashboard. Go to Settings > Discussion and click “Disable Comments.” This will disable comments from appearing on new posts. You can also disable comments on specific posts by changing the setting on the individual post. This option is available in WordPress 3.8 and later. Changing these settings will not affect older posts, but new comments will not appear on those posts.

WordPress comes with several ways to disable comments. Enabling comments is the default option, but if you want to discourage comment spam or improve the speed of your website, you can disable comments in future posts. Using Disable Comments will prevent comments from appearing on your WordPress site, but you can also set notifications for when comments are left and hold them for moderation. This feature will also allow you to blacklist certain IP addresses, names, and URLs from spammers.