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How to Duplicate a WordPress Page

how to duplicate wordpress page

If you have ever wondered how to duplicate a WordPress page, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a simple method in the Settings Tab. To do this, hover over a page and click “Clone this page”. If you don’t want to clone the current page, select the option “New Draft” and a draft of the new one will appear. Afterwards, click “Publish” to publish the duplicated page.

Once you’ve selected the template you’d like to duplicate, click the “Clone” button. The cloned page will be identical to the original. You can also use the New Draft option, which creates a nameless draft with the same settings as the original. You don’t need to change any plugins if you’re cloning a page, and the process is quick and easy.

There are two ways to duplicate a page in WordPress: manually or with a plugin. Both methods can work, but some people feel that plugins are too cumbersome or may adversely affect performance. While plugins don’t use much bandwidth, they’re very convenient, and once duplicated, you can turn them off. There’s no need to make your site any slower than it already is. If you’re worried about plugins, you can turn them off to ensure that your duplicated page isn’t negatively affecting your site.

Using the new draft option in WordPress allows you to duplicate a page or post. This option leads you to the page or post editor. To duplicate a page, click “Edit” in the “New Draft” editor. Once you’re in the editor, copy the content and metadata of the duplicate page and paste them into a new page. You’ll then be able to modify the original page or post with the new one.