How to Duplicate Page in WordPress

The first question you may have in mind is how to duplicate a page in WordPress. This can be done using the Clone feature. It is not a direct copy of the original post, so it does not open it up in the editor. If you wish to edit the new page, you can do so by opening it in the editor. The content will be copied to the new page in accordance with the preferences you have set. This also applies to layouts and images, which will also have suffixes.

After you have selected a page you want to duplicate, click on it in the left pane of the editor. This will enable you to change the title and the taxonomies of the new page. You can also check the box saying “Do not copy these taxonomies.” You can also select which users can duplicate the page by selecting the Permissions tab. However, you must remember that duplicate pages are only available for certain post types.

If you want to duplicate a post, use the Duplicate Post plugin. It is an excellent plugin that allows you to duplicate multiple posts with a click. However, you need to remember that if you duplicate a post, Google will consider it duplicate content, which may hurt your ranking. That is why you must make sure the duplicate post is unique. Otherwise, your website will get penalized. In this case, you will lose traffic and visitors.