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How to Edit HTML in WordPress

If you have ever wanted to add HTML code to a page or post on WordPress, you are in luck! There are many ways to do this in WordPress, and one of them is to use the Classic Editor. This editor offers a visual experience, but it also allows you to edit code. To use the Classic Editor, log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the page or post that you’d like to edit. Click the three dots in the block and then choose Edit as HTML.

When you first get started with WordPress, you may want to look into the various functions available. While these are useful for learning, it’s best to limit your scope to only those that you really need. This will save you time and prevent you from running into problems you don’t need. In addition to a text HTML editor (such as Notepad++), you will also need an FTP client and a modern browser, such as Google Chrome, to edit WordPress source code.

Once you have a basic understanding of HTML, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s actually much easier than you might think! You can add images to your posts and pages using the “Add Media” option, or you can use CSS to style images. Thankfully, WordPress themes treat the homepage as a page, so this isn’t much different from editing HTML on any other page. This is also an excellent way to update your website if you ever want to change its look and feel.