How to Fix Common WordPress Login Errors


If you can’t log into your WordPress blog or website, you may have the white screen of death error. It’s caused by a memory limit problem in your WordPress installation or by unreliable website hosting service. You might also have entered the wrong username or password combination. Sometimes, the browser is unable to process the cookies. When this happens, you can try clearing your cache. Chrome users should click the three-dotted menu and choose the “Clear Cache” option.

Another common issue is remembering your password. The wp-login screen features a “Remember Me” option that stores your username and password for up to two weeks. You can click this option to prevent having to log in again. Alternatively, you can disable this option in your WordPress admin panel. This way, you can save time by logging in once and deleting the login credentials after a few days.

Another way to prevent these attacks is to include a login link in the footer of your site. The footer is an area that is often overlooked by website visitors. You can add the login link in your primary navigation menu as well. Once you’ve done that, you can create a custom login page that matches your website’s design. Just make sure to make it easy for your users to remember it. For best results, place this link on your site’s footer.

After you’ve set up your WordPress login page, you can customize it to fit your brand identity and your audience. You can also implement a language selector in your site’s login page, registration page, or password reset page. For a custom login page, you can use the SeedProd page builder plugin. You can change the login page’s theme’s theme, add widgets, and implement a custom login page.