How to Install a WordPress Theme Using FTP

how to install wordpress theme

When you install a new WordPress theme, you’ll be prompted to activate it. If you’re using FTP to upload files to your website, follow these simple steps to install your new theme. Once you’ve activated the theme, you can use the Customizer to customize it. Your theme will now be ready to be used! However, if you’re new to using FTP, you should read this article before proceeding.

The next step in the process is to install the plugins you’ve downloaded. You can install these plugins after installing the theme, but you should first back up your site before installing any changes. You can always add your custom code later if you make a mistake. Alternatively, you can download the newest theme and plugins from the Themeforest. To install the latest theme, deactivate the previous version and activate the new one.

Next, open an FTP client (file transfer protocol) client to connect to your website. The most popular FTP client is FileZilla, which is free. Select the theme file in the Appearance/Themes folder, and copy and paste it into the theme’s folder. Click ‘Activate’ when the installation process is complete. You should now be able to see your newly installed theme. You can now make changes to your theme.

Once you have downloaded a theme, you can choose whether or not to activate it. To install a new theme, click on the Add Theme button in the upper left side of the screen. The theme is added to your dashboard. Select it in the Theme directory. You can use the Feature Filter to narrow down the list. Then, check the tags and click Apply Filter. If the theme does not work, you can try another one.