How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

google analytics in wordpress

There are several reasons to implement Google Analytics on your WordPress website. It will provide a comprehensive portrait of your website traffic, and it will allow you to segment your data further for more detailed analysis. Knowing what types of visitors come to your website will help you to refine your marketing strategy and decide where to place your blog posts. Setting up Google Analytics on WordPress is fairly simple, but adding the tracking code can be intimidating for new users. Fortunately, there are plugins for WordPress that make it much easier to embed the tracking code.

To install Google Analytics on your WordPress site, you must first install and activate the plugin. This plugin adds the tracking code to your HTML. It can be used to make changes to your theme files without breaking your site. Another way to add the tracking code is to manually edit your theme files. The plugin will notify you if the change has been made to your theme, so choose your theme wisely. After you install Google Analytics on your WordPress site, you will need to update your theme to reflect the new code.

You can also install Google Analytics on your WordPress website to find out more about the traffic that comes to your site. This will allow you to tailor your content to what your visitors are looking for and make the most of their time on your site. This can help increase your revenue and traffic, and the software can be easily installed on your website. You can start using Google Analytics on your WordPress site today. You’ll be glad you did. Get started with your free trial.