How to Integrate POS With WooCommerce

woocommerce pos

You can add a POS system to your WordPress website for faster and more convenient ordering of products. The POS plugin can be easily installed and used without making major changes to your existing site. To get started, simply install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. Once activated, simply add a product to the list and customize its properties. It will display its name, price and add to cart button. You can also add multiple categories and tags to your product information page.

POS also includes features to allow you to customize product barcodes. These can be generated in two ways, either portrait or landscape. Coupons can also be validated based on the product name, category, and barcode. This functionality will be helpful when you have multiple stores for your products. In addition, it is compatible with booking and return POSs. In short, POS makes it easy for you to add a POS system to your WordPress website and make it work for your online store.

One of the best ways to integrate POS with WooCommerce is to use a plugin. WooCommerce POS is an open source project that you can contribute to. The developers of WooCommerce POS welcome your feedback and pull requests. It is also completely customizable. There are three available pricing plans, so you can select the one that is best for your store’s needs. If you are new to the world of POS, you can check out the free version.