How to Log in to WordPress Admin Dashboard

wordpress admin log in

If you’re having trouble logging into your WordPress admin dashboard, you might be getting a connection error. This happens when your site is unable to connect to your database, most likely due to too many attempts to connect. In such a case, your website is unavailable to your visitors. To resolve the issue, you can try to reload the admin login page and check for any corrupted plugins or themes. If none of these solutions work, you may need to change hosting providers.

A quick way to bookmark the URL is to simply bookmark it. If you use Microsoft Edge, you can do this by clicking on the star icon in the toolbar and typing in the URL. In Google Chrome, you can go to the menus section of your WordPress dashboard and select Add Menu Items. From here, click on Custom Links, and enter the login URL and Link Text to bookmark it. Once you’ve made changes, you can use the new URL to log in to your website.

Another way to save time and prevent typing the wrong login URL is to bookmark the WordPress login page. Then, you can access your dashboard from tools or settings. Alternatively, you can also use a password manager to store the login URL. It can save you time by making it easier to remember, and will prevent you from inadvertently writing the wrong link every time. You can also do this by hitting the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser and then selecting “Bookmark this page”.