How to Log in to WordPress

log in to wordpress

If you want to log in to your WordPress site, you’ll need to know the right URL. The login URL is the same for every WordPress user, so you can add the login URL to your bookmark bar. You can also add it to your browser’s menu bar by pressing CMD+D on Mac or Ctrl+D on PC. However, the easiest way to bookmark this URL is to copy it and paste it into a bookmark textbox in your browser’s address bar.

If you don’t remember the login credentials for your WordPress account, you can change them. Most of the WordPress login screens are straightforward. Enter your username and password, and you’ll be redirected to the login page. If you forget your password, you can also email yourself. Remember not to use long and complicated passwords, as they’re difficult to remember. To log in to WordPress without any problems, follow the steps below.

After you’ve saved your new login credentials, you can now log in to your WordPress site. The login page will open the WordPress dashboard, and you’ll be able to update your posts and pages, update your theme, and add new plugins. To login to WordPress, visit your admin dashboard by adding /login/ or /admin/ to your website’s URL. You’ll then need to enter your username and password, and you’ll be taken to the WordPress admin area.