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How to Make a WordPress Website

You’ve just finished reading a how-to article about how to make a WordPress website. But now you’re wondering how to make your own website. Fortunately, there are several basic steps to create your first website. Keep reading for some tips and tricks. First, set up a menu. Menus are the primary vehicles that allow your site visitors to navigate through it. On the dashboard of your WordPress website, you can add menus and edit their settings. In your menu, you should add the links to your key pages.

Your website’s permalinks define the structure of individual web pages. Your website must be easy to navigate with no errors. Your users can find the information they need in a few clicks. If your website is geared towards a certain industry, include a section for it. WordPress has many plugins to help you with this. You can also include an about page to tell visitors about the business or service you offer. If you’re a blogger, consider including an about page.

WordPress has a wide selection of themes, so you can select the one that suits your style and your content. You can change it whenever you want, if you like. You can also change your theme later on. Once you’ve set up your website, you can choose a theme. Bluehost will show you a welcome message after choosing a theme. After you choose your theme, follow the simple guide to customize the theme.