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How to Make Your WordPress Site Display PDF Files

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your WordPress site display PDF files, you’re not alone. EmbedPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add PDF files to your site. The plugin allows you to embed PDF files in your blog posts, pages, and comments. To install the plugin, you need to create a page that contains the PDF file, then add the embed code to the page. To install the plugin, you need to create a new page in WordPress and make the changes.

In WordPress, you can also embed PDF files in your posts by adding a URL to the file. Double-clicking the PDF file will open the document, and you can also add a download button. You can also enable full-screen mode to let your visitors read the document without being distracted. As a bonus, the PDF embedder is unobtrusive and won’t take up space on your page like the native WordPress viewer. To install the plugin, you need to install the PDF Embedder, which will be available in the WordPress plugin directory.

The PDF Embedder plugin is an excellent free option for embedding PDFs in WordPress. It lets you customize the size and aspect ratio of the embedding PDF. If you want a quick upload option, you can use the Quick Upload button. In addition, PDF Embedder lets you customize the appearance of the PDF viewer toolbar. Lastly, you can also customize the dimensions of the embedding PDF by choosing the right settings.