How to Prevent WordPress From Displaying Duplicate Pages

One way to prevent a WordPress site from displaying duplicate pages is to activate a plugin called Duplicate Page. Once activated, it will allow you to duplicate posts, pages, drafts, and content. Once installed, you can select which editor you want to duplicate your content with. The plugin also includes a convenient choice for editing a post: a Duplicate This option. You can choose whether to display duplicate pages in specific categories or sections.

Another reason to create a duplicate page is to test new software or to apply custom code. Duplicate pages are a great way to make changes to your website without affecting the original content. Duplicate pages in WordPress are also useful for testing out new software or reusing layouts. They are an ideal way to see if your WordPress installation is working before implementing any changes to your site. If you’re not sure why you need to create a duplicate page, try using WordPress’ native functionality.

Besides creating duplicate pages, Duplicate Page also allows you to choose what to copy and where to paste it. This plugin allows you to save the cloned content as a draft, private, or public page. It also offers a nifty feature that lets you select the sections of the copied page to keep. Unlike the other two options, Duplicate Page allows you to save the content of a clone in several different formats.