How to Remove Copyright Hinweise From Your WordPress Site

wordpress copyright entfernen

In the footer of your WordPress website, you can find the Copyright Hinweis. These notices are usually included in free WordPress themes. However, some bloggers find them unprofessional. The decision to remove them rests solely with you. Read on for some tips on how to remove copyright notices from your WordPress site. There are many ways to do this. You can also use an online tool such as Termsfeed. Here, you need to enter the basic information about your website and Termsfeed will automatically create a Terms of Service page for you. After that, simply copy and paste the terms of service page into your WordPress site. You can also place a link to the Termsfeed page in your site’s footer.

Another option to remove copyright notices is to use the theme customizer. This tool can be found on the Appearance page. To edit the theme settings, click Customize. Then, choose Additional CSS. Click Publish when you’re done. You can also delete the copyright notices on your WordPress site through the theme customizer. You should also make sure to check your theme’s license before you remove copyright notices.