How to Set Up a WordPress Cronjob

wordpress cronjob

If you’d like to schedule certain tasks to occur on a regular basis, you can use WordPress’ cron job system. Cron jobs run on a set schedule and can run scheduled commands, such as running a backup plugin. Adding your own cron job is easy. Simply create a hook in the cron tab and give it a name, without spaces. It also requires arguments, such as a time and recurrence.

There are many ways to schedule events with WordPress. You can use WP-CLI to manage your cron jobs and events. Type the command below to display the list of current cron events. Also, use this command to move your cron job to a different schedule if necessary. If you are not comfortable with PHP, try another option. It will let you change the parameters of your existing jobs. There are a number of ways to customize WordPress’ cron jobs, and each of them can perform various tasks.

Once you have installed wp-cron, you can set up a wordpress cron job using cpanel. To make use of a cron function, you must specify the cron job hook name following the PHP naming convention. You can also leave the arguments textbox empty. A new cron event will appear in the Cron Events list. In order to run a cron job, you must first set up a backup job.