How to Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress

how to set up google analytics on wordpress

To set up Google Analytics on WordPress, you first need to create a tracking ID. This can either be a website or app. Once you have this, you can use the ID to send website tracking data to Google. In addition, you can use the ID to track which plugins are most popular. Then, simply click on the Google Analytics icon in the WordPress Dashboard. This will take you to the analytics dashboard.

In order to start collecting data from your website, you need to set up a new Google Analytics account. Once you’ve completed this step, Google will give you the tracking code that you can add to WordPress. This code will allow you to see how many people have visited your website and what they clicked on. You can also view the data that Google has recorded by using the tracking code. This code will help you understand which areas of your website are the most popular and how you can improve your site.

After logging in to your Google Analytics account, click the Install button. You’ll be prompted to accept the Terms of Service. After that, click OK to install the Google Analytics code. If you’re unsure of what to do next, you can always download a third-party plugin that installs Google Analytics for you. Third-party plugins are useful because they greatly reduce the chance of messing up the code.