How to Transfer a Domain From WordPress to a Different Hosting Service

how to transfer domain from wordpress

After setting up your WordPress website, you may want to transfer your domain to another hosting service. This will be done by going to Upgrades – Domains on your site’s dashboard. You can either add your domain to an existing site or register a new one. In either case, you’ll need to type in the domain name to transfer it. You can then use it to link your website with other domains.

After you’ve entered this information, WordPress will email your current domain contact to request approval of the transfer. If the contact has not updated their contact information in the past five days, they will not be able to approve the transfer. If the domain transfer request fails, an error message will appear. If you’re unsure, try contacting your current domain contact and asking them to provide you with their email address. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your domain.

Once you’ve transferred the domain to the new domain, you can now connect to the new domain and transfer the website files. You should have an empty root directory before you upload the files. You should also note your database credentials so that you can login later on. Afterward, simply connect to your new domain using an FTP client. You’ll then need to upload the installer and archive files to the domain name. You’ll need to enter the new domain’s password as well.