How to Transfer a WordPress Com Domain

wordpress com transfer domain

If you’ve got a domain, you can use it to transfer it to another hosting account. If you want to maintain your brand reputation, registering your domain elsewhere will protect your brand from other competitors. However, before you can do that, you’ll need to update your domain settings. Contact your current registrar to request help. Make sure you have a copy of the authorization code. Follow the steps in this guide to transfer your domain.

After you’ve finished uploading your files, you can connect your WordPress site to your new domain. Connect to the domain using an FTP client and upload the archive and installer files. You’ll need to ensure that your new domain name has an empty root directory. Then, connect to the domain using an FTP client. Your root directory must be empty. The installer and archive files will be uploaded to your domain. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use WordPress on your new domain.

Once you’ve unlocked your domain, you can proceed to switch it to another domain. Make sure you set up a domain redirect in order to ensure that your new domain doesn’t lose any traffic or get dropped in the search results. Before transferring your domain, back up your website. Changing the domain name is a significant step in ensuring your WordPress site continues to function. The transfer process may take several days.